I’m So Cleveland T-Shirts Are NOW Available!!

I’ve done all the hype for good reason, this is the best shirt I’ve created thus far..


It represents a new direction for “Cleveland Over Everything” more directly aligned with the marketing of this great city.. One that could be worn by transplants, one that boasts ownership of all that makes us who we are as Clevelanders.

Resilient, blue collar, etc.. That’s what we are to say the least.


So ideally, our model should embody such.. Well, this is one of the many times I got lucky.

Special thanks to Artist/Personal-Trainer Justin Fraley!


We made the most of our limited time out in that “spring weather”.

You can check out his training Instagram page here and look for more videos from the fitness guru featured on this blog!

For any training inquiries, email him at justraining12@gmail.com



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