“I’m So Cleveland” Takes Over Social Media In Cleveland!

In case you didn’t check your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in the past days, let me fill you in on what you missed.

A trending topic took the city and Clevelanders both near and far down memory lane.. The trending topic was “I’m So Cleveland.”

In these posts, people would begin their posts with the phrase “I’m So Cleveland,” and continue to conjure up memories of the city of Cleveland.

Although I’m not the first person to say “I’m So Cleveland”, Cleveland Over Everything and it’s recent, aggressive marketing campaigns on Facebook definitely struck the match and lit the fuse on what was an explosion this weekend.

What’s humbling is, seeing the boost in pride and morale that this trending topic has created. At a time when this city has a lot to celebrate, I’m beyond honored to say that I helped contribute at little something extra, something of ours that we can celebrate as well.

There’s soooo much work that goes in to this, designing, pricing, vendor relationships, marketing, promoting, etc.. To see it resonate on this level. It’s amazing. I’ve never been more proud.

Now, with all of that being said, I would like to remind you that there is a much more stylish way to state how Cleveland you are, and that’s by hitting the webstore and picking up a few of the I’m So Cleveland tees and tanks.



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