Day 8 of #BrownsCamp14 in Pictures

I haven’t been able to attend the Browns Camp as often as I would like to but, I think I picked a pretty good day to get a sneak peek at my Brownies.

With the Hall of Fame Game just wrapping up hours before Day 8 of #BrownsCamp14 began, you could feel the excitement of a fan base anxious for their team to take to the First Energy Stadium field and fulfill the expectations set for them.

Aside from football season being so close, the crowd was even more abuzz thanks to media favorite, Johnny Manziel getting his first reps with the first-team offense.

There were a few “Johnny” chants throughout practice which immediately made me go, “What about my man Hoyer?!” But, I understood it shortly thereafter.. The Browns have had TWENTY starting QB’s since 1999. We’re overdue for someone we can place our trust in and having a heated duel at the QB position, almost seems to good to be true.

Could our luck be changing?! Ehh.. I’m a firm believer that you make your own luck but, for all of you superstitious people reading this, I’m hoping it has.

Go Browns!

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