Planning On Tailgating?! Here’s What You Need To Know..


As football season returns, the City of Cleveland would like for all fans and visitors to have a safe, enjoyable experience at every Cleveland Browns home game; this includes traveling to and from FirstEnergy Stadium, tailgating, and parking in downtown Cleveland.

“Whether you plan on heading straight to the game or tailgating, we want everyone to have an enjoyable and safe time when they come downtown,” said Michael McGrath, Director of Public Safety. “When you have tens of thousands of people converging on one area of the city in a short period of time, there’s always the potential for any multitude of traffic hazards and we want to mitigate those concerns.”

To accomplish that goal, the City of Cleveland is increasing its efforts to improve the flow of traffic, minimize the risk for pedestrian/vehicle accidents and offer a fun, safe tailgating experience.

Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic – Pedestrian Bridge

The Division of Police and the Division of Traffic Engineering have developed a plan to move traffic more efficiently prior to and after every Cleveland Browns home game. The first portion of this plan involves keeping the pedestrian bridge (see attached map) closed indefinitely. The pedestrian bridge is closed throughout the year except for the 10 Cleveland Browns home games. By keeping the bridge closed, the Division of Traffic Engineering will be able to implement a safer pedestrian route to FirstEnergy Stadium and improve the traffic flow around the stadium. Signage will be posted to notify the public of the bridge closure and to redirect them towards alternate routes along East 9th Street or West 3rd Street.

Stadium Map-page-001

In addition to public safety improvements, dividing the pedestrian traffic from the vehicular traffic allows for a free flow of vehicular traffic in and out of the parking areas before and after games.

  • To access the stadium from the Huntington parking garage, fans should exit and head towards West 3rd Street then head north to the southwest and northwest gates of the stadium.
  • To access the stadium from Willard parking garage, fans are encouraged to exit the garage and head towards East 9th Street, then towards Erieside Avenue, then towards the southeast and northeast gates of the stadium.

Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic – Traffic Control  

In addition to the closure of the pedestrian bridge, the Division of Traffic Engineering has redesigned various traffic control measures to improve safety and walkability during game day.

  • Alternative Traffic Routing – West 25th Street, Superior Avenue, Prospect Avenue, East 14th Street and East 18th Street will now be a part of the game day traffic plan with added signage and signal timing changes.
  • Redirection of traffic along the Marginal roadways – Traffic will be able access I-90 at East 55th. Traffic will not be permitted to access East 9th Street from the Marginal so as to not conflict with pedestrian traffic.
  • Pedestrian fencing – Additional fencing will be added to prohibit pedestrians from walking onto the Shoreway or Shoreway ramps
  • Police officers and traffic controllers – The following intersections will now be staffed with traffic controllers: West 9th Street and St. Clair Avenue, West 9th Street and Superior Avenue, West 6th Street and St. Clair Avenue, West 6th Street and Superior Avenue, West 25th Street and Detroit, and all Muni Lot access driveways to and from the Shoreway. In addition to these intersections, all driveway access points to North Marginal Road from the Coast Guard Station and Burke Airport will be staffed.


The Cleveland Division of Police and Department of Public Works endeavor to provide all visitors and patrons of every Cleveland Browns home football game with a safe and   family-friendly environment before, during, and after game time. For many Browns football fans, tailgating is a popular event all around the City, especially inside the City’s municipal parking lot off of the east Shoreway (Muni Lot).

Due to the safety challenges and concerns associated with tailgating on public property, the Cleveland Division of Police and Department of Public Works have implemented the following rules and procedures to create a secure event inside the Muni Lot. These rules and procures will be in effect at all home games. On Saturday, August 23, 2014, tailgating start time will be 7:00 a.m.  Please note: No tailgating is permitted in the Willard parking garage behind City Hall.


  • Lot Operation and Fees – the Muni Lot opens promptly at 7:00 am for all regular and pre-season season weekend home games. Vehicles are not permitted to enter the premises before that time.  The fee to park in the municipal lot is $20 dollars. You will be charged for all spaces that you occupy. Cleveland Police will not permit vehicles to line-up or stage on the Shoreway before game time.
  • Alcohol and Safety – Open containers, consumption of alcohol and public intoxication are all prohibited in the Muni Lot. If you plan to consume alcohol during any sporting event always ensure you have a designated driver. Please exercise caution at all times and if you see something, please say something.
  • Sanitation – There will be 50 portable restrooms, 75 trash cans and 3 dumpsters in the Muni lot during all regular season games. Private latrines are strictly Please make sure all trash is disposed of properly before you leave any lot.
  • Parking – Parking restrictions are put in place in downtown Cleveland for each Browns home football game – typically for three hours before each game and until two hours after the game’s completion. Look for bright neon signs attached to posts, poles and parking meters in those areas affected by the restrictions. Violators will be ticketed and towed if parked in violation. All associated fines and fees to have an automobile released must be done at the One Stop Vehicle Impound Center located at 3040 Quigley Road.

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