Join Us For Our 1st Fork & Knife (Diners Club) Event!!!


When I was starting this, I never wanted it to become a t-shirt company, I wanted to provide unique experiences to visitors/followers, help boost the pride in the city, etc..

With that being said, a diner’s club (among other things) has been something I have attempted to get off the ground for some time. With the city enjoying a restaurant renaissance, it seems like the perfect series of events to shape opinions about the city.

Our first Fork & Knife event will be the day before Thanksgiving, Weds., November 26th @ 6:30 PM.

I know it’s close to Turkey Day but, I am hoping to enjoy a meal with some of the folks I am most thankful for, you guys!

This will be a private dining event so, space is limited!

There will be a custom menu made specifically for this event!

Make sure you RSVP below!!!

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