Democracy in CLE

Ohio House bill would roll back in-person early voting, end statewide  mailing of ballot applications for November election -

Hello Clevelanders!

In light of the numerous upcoming elections in Cleveland, we would like to provide you with some voter engagement information as we approach the Primary on September 14th! Check out the candidates below and browse their sites for more info!

City Wide Info

Mayoral Candidates

Justin Bibb

Mayoral Candidate Bibb’s Platforms are Safe & Secure Neighborhoods, Economic Relief & Recovery, High-Quality Education, Modern & Engaged City Hall, Healthy Communities, Climate & Environmental Justice.  More Info on website

Basheer Jones

Mayoral Candidate Jones Policy Platforms are Building Public Safety and Fighting Violence, Create a Comprehensive Plan to Address Covid 19 During and After, Cultivating an Inclusive and Equitable Economy, Transparency and Accountability to Restore Trust in City Government, Education,

Sandra Williams

Mayoral Candidate Williams platforms are Economic Development, Housing Affordability, Education, Public Safety, Justice Reform.

Zack Reed

Mayoral Candidate Reed’s platforms are A Healthier Community Safer Neighborhoods A Stronger Workforce, A Strong Economic Future. 

Kevin Kelley

Mayoral Candidate Kelly’s priorities include public safety, workforce development, paid parental leave, digital equity, fighting corporate greed, housing stability, housing stability, investing in public health, transit and transportation, voting rights, employment in Cleveland, childhood lead poising, opioid crisis, infant mortality, poverty, city planning, gender equity, recycling, solar energy and evictions and right to council.


Dennish Kuchinich 

Mayoral Candidate Kuchinich’s platforms are Justice, Utilities, Economy, Health, Education, Housing, Green City, and Transit.

Ross DiBello

Mayoral Candidate Ross’ platforms include, housing, transportation, quality jobs, Black Lives Matter

Cleveland City Council Races by Ward

*please use this link to find your ward

Ward 1

Joe Jones

Alywin Bridges

Kimberly Brown

Marc Crosby  

Ward 2

Kevin Bishop

Bill Berry

Azel Bolden 

Monique Moore

Ward 3

Kerry McCormack

Ayat Amin

Mike Rogalski

Ward 4

Vanessa Crumb

Cecil Ekechukwu

Ashley Evans

Deborah Gray

 Rowland Mitchell

Mike Shomo

Arnold Shurn

Mario Snowden

Eric Walker

Campaign Landing

Craig Willis

Ward 5 

Delores Gray

 Dyrone Smith

Richard Starr

Ward 7

Antoinette Carter

 TJ Dow

Russ Gates

Daniel Graves

Nathaniel Hartfield

Stephanie Howse

Jeff Mixon

Charlotte Perkins

Shana Roberts

 Mike Seals

Isiah Thomas

Ward 8

Michael Polensek

Donald Boyd

Aisia Jones

Ward 11

Brian Mooney

Michael Hardy

Donna Woods

Campaign Landing

Ward 12

Anthony Brancatelli

Rebecca Maurer

Tawayne McGee

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